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Dry Mix Cookie Dough & Other Dry Mixes (No Refrigeration Required)

The Fresh Cookie Dough Factory™
Fundraising Brochure
Here is an Order-Taker Brochure with gourmet cookie dough mix that’s fresh not frozen. It is an easy to ship item and has a long shelf life. The fresh ingredients you add make it taste like home-made.

Delisheries Gourmet Baking Mixes Fundraising Brochure
Popular Pre-Sell Fundraising grouping includes a lip-smacking array of Cookie,
Brownie, Funnel Cake, and Muffin Gourmet Dough Dry Mixes. Mixes do not require
refrigeration. You can also prepare dough and freeze it to be baked as desired. Allnatural ingredients.

Delisheries Family Treats Fundraising Brochure
Have family fun in the kitchen with this Fundraising Collection of Gourmet Baking Mixes and Doughmakers® Bakeware. Something for everyone: The chef, the cookie and ice cream lover, the coffee connoisseur, and even the family’s pampered best friend... Rover.

Delisheries Cookies & Cream Fundraising Brochure
This easy-to-sell, Pre-Sell Order-Taker Brochure features all-natural, Gourmet Dry Mix Baked Goodies & Homemade Ice Cream Mixes. Dry Mix Baked Products include Cookies, Muffins, Funnel Cakes, and Brownies. Refrigeration not required. Baked Mixes keep in the pantry for a year.

Delisheries Gourmet Cookie & Baking Mixes Fundraising Brochure
Features 7, delicious, Gourmet Cookie Dry Dough Mixes (one’s a SUGAR-FREE
Snickerdoodle Cookie), a Funnel Cake Mix, and an alluring Brownie Mix. All of these Fundraising Gourmet Mixes come in Tubs — none require refrigeration. A total of 9 products sell for $12.00 per each tub. Tubs each make 3 pounds of baked treats.



If you do not see the area of interest you are looking for in our Pre-Sell Fundraising Brochures shown online, please let us know. We have access to many other types of Fundraising Brochures and would be glad to assist you in your search:

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