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What is a Pre-Sell Fundraising Brochure Program?
Pre-Sell (Order-Taker) Fundraising Programs involve selling from FREE Fundraising Product Brochures, like the ones shown here. Pre-Sell Brochures take the guesswork out of how much fundraising product you will need to order. This is because, when your sellers have completed their sales, your order to us will only be for what your sellers have already sold.

What are the advantages of a Pre-Sell Fundraising
Brochure Program?

1) No inventory to manage 2) No need to carry around product 3) Wider selection of products 4) Order only the amount you’ve sold

These Brochures are Just Examples - Do Not Order From Them

Free Pre-Sell Fundraising Brochure Categories
1. Spring and Easter
2. Dry Mix Cookie Dough & Other Dry Mixes (No Refrigeration

3. Frozen Cookie Dough, Pies, Cheesecakes & More • Kitchen

4. Pizza & Pretzels (Frozen)
5. Nuts & Snacks
6. CandlesCandles Combined With Other Goodies

If you do not see the area of interest you are looking for in our Pre-Sell Fundraising Brochures shown online, please let us know. We have access to many other types of Fundraising Brochures and would be glad to assist you in your search:

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