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Candy Fundraising

Candy is the most commonly used and instantly successful product for fundraisers. Many groups have depended on candy fund raisers for years. Such candy fundraising groups include: Schools, sports leagues, churches, booster clubs and virtually all groups find candy fundraising to be easy because it is direct sale. A direct candy fundraiser involves taking possession of the product and selling directly to the customer. America's Favorite Fund Raising Products Company can assist you in determining how much to order of each candy product for each seller.

How Candy Fundraising Works

Your group chooses its favorite candy to sell. And if you are going to sell candy, variety packs are usually one of the most popular options - there are a wide range of candyvariety packs to choose from for your Candy Fundraiser. Your organization determines how much candy your group can sell by the number of fundraiser sales people that are participating and the average age of the group. That will give you a good idea of how muchfundraisingcandy you will need to buy. The type of candy fundraising items you select should be determined by the kind of audience you are selling to. As an example, high schools tend to sell one type ofcandy and elementary schools are more successful with another. Feel free to call us for suggestions. Or talk it over with your group. Once you make that decision, look at the price list to find out your cost per master carton.

Spread The Word About Your Candy Fundraising Project.

Candy Fundraising Success

How do you make your Candy Fundraiseras successful as possible? There are many ways. Take a look at our handbook for some fundraising ideas. Fund raisers selling candy are making money for groups of all sizes, and M&M'S® and Hershey's® candy Variety Packs make fantastic Candy Fundraisers. Candy Fundraising can be promoted many ways:

Candy Fundraising Posters

Place posters in your church, school, grocery store, area shops, meeting places and public buildings. Tell about your Fund Raiser. Once again, be sure to get permission to put up any poster or flyer. Your Candy Fundraising poster could be on a bright colored paper and should include: Description(s) or even pictures of the product(s) you're selling, the name of your organization or, if available, pictures of the group or a group activity, and details about what you're raising money for, the price, when the fundraising candy will be available, the phone number for where or how to order and the name of the person to contact for more information. If there is an individual involve in your Candy Fundraiser with art ability, or an art club or class available, ask for this to become their project, too! It is a great opportunity to try some Candy Fundraising marketing techniques.

Candy Fundraising Flyers

Hand out smaller versions of the Candy Fundraising poster, in the form of a flyer to all of your organization's supporters. Your flyer should include the same information as your poster but may be more along the lines of a letter sized sheet to hand out and one that could be done inexpensively on a copier. This would be more cost effective for when larger quantities will be needed.

Candy Fundraising News Releases

Your local news media (Newspaper, Radio & Television) might help you spread the word about your Candy Fund Raising Project. Provide complete information in the form of a news release. A News Release acts as a letter requesting interest and providing background and information about your project. You may want to detail more about how the Candy Fundraising funds will benefit your organization. Mark the news release or letter "FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE" to insure a timely response. Include a copy of your Fundraising poster or flyer. Any related photos may encourage media interest in featuring you in a printed article.

With all of the great benefits we offer, you should allow America's Favorite Fund Raising Company be your one-stop-shop for all your Candy Fundraiserneeds this season. We have been in business since 1970.

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