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Recruit Fellow Church Members

Rely on your regular church volunteers to help you. Call everyone and ask him or her to help your fundraising efforts. Tell them how they can best help with your fundraiser, and why you're raising money. Thank them ahead of time for their generosity!

Promote Your Church Fundraiser In Print and Voice

Does your church have a newsletter, a Web site, or a bulletin? Make sure you submit a short article about your church fundraiser. You could even hand out flyers at your Sunday morning service to be positive that everyone in your congregation knows about your fundraiser. Explain what you're raising money for and how people can help. Often a successful fundraiser is made just by letting people know about it!

Reach Out to the Community

Your congregation probably does a lot of good work in the community. And your fundraiser is an excellent chance for the community to give you support. Schedule a telethon and give community members in your church directory, or even your personal address lists the opportunity to help your church raise valuable funds.

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