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Order-Taker (Pre-Sell) Programs involve selling from FREE Fundraising Product Brochures - like the one shown here. When your sellers have made all of their sales, you'll order what they've already sold.
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50% Profit
Sweet Indulgence by Giftco ®
by Giftco ®

“Sweet Indulgence by Giftco ®s” is a pre-sell, fundraising brochure with an easily manageable number of fundraising items. Yet, you will have plenty of variety. With the 22 fundraising products on these eight pages, “Sweet Indulgences” will make your fundraiser fun. The fun begins when you begin to browse this pre-sell, fundraising brochure and find that some things that look like a great sweet treat are actually candles that look like real food. When you first see the beautiful food candles, in “Sweet Indulgence by Giftco ®s”, you have to look closely to tell which ones are candles and which are food. Thank goodness the candles are lit because on many items you would not be able to tell whether it was a candle or a dessert treat!

Besides the candles that look like edible treats, you will see the Cherry Candle Lamp on page 3. This
pretty lamp-style Cherry Candle Lamp comes with a shade and handle. There are also clear glass candle
jars. One is called “Cinnamon Apple Pie” Glass Candle Jar and has a wondrous scent that smells like fresh
apple pie. It will delight your senses! On page 7, discover the incredible “Pumpkin Glass Candle Jar” that will fill your customers’ home with the tantalizing smell of pumpkin pie. Warm and cozy scents also include the candle gift set in clear glass jars that offers “Pie for Everyone!”. This is a set of three different pie scents in clear glass jars. The set of three fundraising candles include: a red candle with an apple cinnamon scent; an orange candle with a pumpkin scent; and a blue candle with the scent of blueberries. These alternative candles help to keep your fundraising project versatile.

In an effort to keep your pre-sell, fundraising brochure exciting and diversified, the candles are only one side of the fundraising products offered. The unique goods for baking give another dimension to your fundraiser. The “Splendid Blends” Chocolate Chunk Cookie Mix has irresistible chunks of chocolate mixed into the best tasting cookie mix around. A “Fruit Crisp Mix” on page 2 can be customized to feature your customers’ favorite fruit. You can also proudly present the “Splendid Blends” Chocolate Brownie Mix,
Chocolate Muffin Mix, and the Pumpkin Bread Mix to your customers!

There are candles that look like dessert and candles in glass jars that smell delicious. The baking mixes
give customers some truly smashing baked items. So, what more could we ask of this dazzling pre-sell
fundraising brochure? Well, frankly we wanted candy to sell. And, guess what! There are two divine candy
selections in “Sweet Indulgence by Giftco ®s”: There are the Geneva™ Chocolate Covered Cherries with whole
maraschino cherries inside scrumptious milk chocolate shells and the Geneva™ Chocolate Caramel Hearts
that are molded chocolate with rich caramel inside.

This clever combination of products makes for a very well endowed pre-sell, fundraising brochure. When
the dessert candles get customers in the mood to enjoy baked items, there are splendid mixes to sell and when your customer just loves the smell of baking, but doesn’t want to bake, there is a candle to make the house smell like home cooking. “Sweet Indulgence by Giftco ®s” has everything you need to find the right gift, no matter what time of year. That’s a win-win situation for your fundraising program and your customers.

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