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Fundraising Christmas Gifts Brochure
Brochure includes product description in Spanish

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America's Favorite does not have a minimum order quantity. However, if an order from this brochure is less than 100 units, a freight surcharge will be incurred at a rate of .50 cents per unit below the 100 units. For example, an order of 60 units would be 40 units below the 100 units. The surcharge would be 40 x .50 = $20.00.

50% Profit
Starry Night
by Scott's of Wisconsin ®

Such a joyous Pre-Sell Fundraising Brochure makes shopping fun! This is truly an impressive presentation
of excellent products that are also reasonably priced. The colorful backgrounds and high quality photography
make each page more attractive than the last. We can’t imagine a fundraising customer being unable to find something that they really would like to buy.

This fundraising brochure’s celebration of the Season offers wondrous Christmas and various Holiday items. The brochure begins with adorable Snowmen itemslike a Tea Light Holder, a Stained Glass Tree Stocking Holder, a Starry Night Tin full of yummy cashew, caramel and milk chocolate candy, and more. The fundraising product offerings go on to lovely and fun decorations, tempting and unusual confections, candles and candle holders, card holders, frames, and gift wrap items. Look for Feliz Navidad, Hanukkah, and African-American Gift Wrap, too. Such an array of gift items gives your customer an abundance of choices!

One section of this catalog draws great attention. That’s the attractive and tasty assortment of Snacks on page 26 and 27; Beef Sticks, Honey Mustard, Mild Salsa, Sun Dried Tomato with Basil Gourmet Cheese Spread, Spinach with Artichoke Gourmet Cheese Spread, Havarti with Pesto Gourmet Cheese Spread, Chipotle Gourmet Cheese Spread, Veggie Dip, All-Beef Sausage, Jalapeno Sausage, Jalapeno Cheese Dip, Sharp Cheddar Cheese Spread, Bacon Cheddar Cheese Spread, Horseradish Cheddar cheese Spread. Wouldn’t you like a taste of any of these right now!

Yes, there are many great Holiday products and stocking stuffers in the Starry Night Pre-Sell Brochure. However, you will find many other year-round products that fundraising customers will want to buy for themselves or give any time. Your fundraising customers will often buy items for future gift needs or to just have on-hand for unexpected gifting occasions. Here, they will find thank-you gifts, birthday gifts, co-worker gifts, party favors, teacher’s gifts, new neighbor gifts, and items for any desired gifting. There’s a magazine for every age or preference and confections are always appreciated. These fundraising confections include Raspberry Daisies (page 24) that are sculptured dark chocolates with luscious raspberry creme filling. Pretty on the table and so delicious! Vanilla Peanut Butter Cups (page 24) are an award-winner with a combination of tasty vanilla confection with a real peanut butter surprise inside. All-occasion wrapping paper, gift sacks, bows, colorful tissue, and cards (page 39-43) are popular items for fundraising customers to buy for any special occasion that comes up. We’re in love with the M&M’s® Brand products (page 28-29), especially the Responsibility Chart with a write ‘n wipe surface (Grandma and Grandpa’s house, and Auntie’s, too). If your fundraising customer is interested in beautiful flowers, they will delight in the flower bulb items, Mixed Anemone Blanda and the Super Spring collection on page 24. Lighthouse fans, there’s a section (page 20-21) for you, too. You and your fundraising customers will have fun browsing through this brochure with its spectacular products.

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