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Brochure includes product description in Spanish

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America's Favorite does not have a minimum order quantity. However, if an order from this brochure is less than 100 units, a freight surcharge will be incurred at a rate of .50 cents per unit below the 100 units. For example, an order of 60 units would be 40 units below the 100 units. The surcharge would be 40 x .50 = $20.00.

50% Profit
Nanny's Kitchen Brochure
by WaxWorks®


Take a look at this pre-sell fundraising brochure from Nanny’s Kitchen by WaxWorks®-you’ll hardly be able to wait to have at least one of these delectable candles for yourself, as well as to sell for your fundraising project. This candle grouping makes great gift items because they’re so unusual. A virtual teaser of the senses, you’ll have customers hungrily awaiting their candle(s) arrival.

Long known for unique and creative candles, WaxWorks® has been a manufacturer of quality candles since 1979. WaxWorks® offers beautiful fundraising candles that smell soooo very delicious! Imagine a 5 inch by 2 inch “candle pie” exuding the fabulous scent of tasty, just baked, pecan pie. Or make your guest’s mouth water as they take a sniff of the fragrance of five fruits from the Mixed Fruit Tart Candle. The Mixed Fruit Tart Candle is so realistic, with its brightly colored fruit, that everyone will want to touch it to make sure it really is a candle! A fruit jar candle full of bright, yummy fruit smells, the sweet scent of fruit pies, a vanilla scented ice cream candle, and so much more, have been combined to make Nanny’s Kitchen by WaxWorks® pre-sell products fun and easy to sell. Always remember that a pre-sell fundraiser has no inventory. Please take note of the quality photography in WaxWorks’® pre-sell brochure. The beautifully shot photos will tempt your customers to order something for everyone on their gift list!

Talk about tantalizing your senses, Nanny’s Kitchen by WaxWorks® fund raising candles have so many tasty smells, and are so pretty, that it is difficult to choose which candle is our personal favorite. The Cinnamon Bun fundraising candle gives off a spicy and sweet smell. It is a comforting fragrance that will have you feeling warm and cozy on even the most chilly or drizzly day. Your fundraising customers will also love the two adorable pie
candles in tin containers. The juicy smell of ripe peaches comes from the Peach Pie in Tin candle. This Peach Pie in Tin has a charming heart cut out of the crust and there is also an Apple Pie in Tin candle. The Apple Pie in Tin candle has a delicate lattice crust top and is lusciously apple scented. Yum!

Do you have a customer that loves the smell of coffee in the morning? Nanny’s Kitchen by WaxWorks® pre-sell brochure features the Coffee Bean Pillar Candle with real coffee beans to attractively accent the outside of the coffee scented candle. Offer your customers the unusual fragrance of the Cucumber Melon Ribbed Pillaror the Vanilla Bean Ribbed Pillar. The Gourmet Jelly Sampler is perfect as a gift with a four-pack of candles that pack powerful scents in four flavors; including orange marmalade, strawberry preserves, black raspberry jam, and green apple jelly.

Did we mention the Sugar Shaker Candlesin our bevy of fundraising candles? They are handy spice shakers when empty. One has an Italian biscotti scent (a buttery vanilla fragrance with a touch of almond), and the other Sugar Shaker Fundraising Candle has a warm brown sugar and cinnamon smell. Getting excited yet? Go ahead, review these twenty-two fantastic candles and see if you can pick your favorite.

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