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Order-Taker (Pre-Sell) Programs involve selling from FREE Fundraising Product Brochures - like the one shown here. When your sellers have made all of their sales, you'll order what they've already sold.
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Brochure includes product description in Spanish

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America's Favorite does not have a minimum order quantity. However, if an order from this brochure is less than 100 units, a freight surcharge will be incurred at a rate of .50 cents per unit below the 100 units. For example, an order of 60 units would be 40 units below the 100 units. The surcharge would be 40 x .50 = $20.00.

50% Profit
Warm Your Heart
by Giftco ®

Here’s a pre-sell fundraising brochure that will light up your customers’ Holiday spirit! This is a very well designed, high quality, pre-sell, fundraising brochure. The “Warm Your Heart” pre-sell fundraising brochure is a wonderland of gift ideas. Holiday items from gift wrap, candles, cards, and sweet treats fill the pages. It’s simple to read and makes sales very easy. This pre-sell, fundraising brochure also offers a variety of items for any season, such as magazines, a Scooby-Doo Mystery Machine Art Kit, a “Soul Kidz” Address Book, a “Girlfriends” Die-Cut Personal Organizer, a Betty Crocker® 8-Pc. Measuring Set, a Flexible Chopping Mat Set, a Cheese Party Pak with four flavors, and more, more, more...

Customers will certainly find more than one gift from this 44-page brochure that they would love to give or keep for themselves! Prices are very reasonable and begin at $5.00. No item goes over $30.00. That makes this presell brochure a perfect fit for most budgets. No one will feel left out and everyone can take pride in knowing they’re supporting the sellers’ fundraising project!

Customers have a tremendous review of Holiday items to choose from! They may be swayed by the beautiful,
shiny and bright foil wrapping papers on page 9 or find their selection from the delightful Snowman themed cards and wraps on page 5. No matter what your customers’ preference is, there are Holiday items, as well as items for any occasion that will attract the sellers’ friends and relatives! We’ve found that most customers are very glad to have the chance to choose gifts ahead of time and enjoy the ease of shopping from the “Warm Your Heart” pre-sell, fundraising brochure.

There are great rates for magazines in the “Warm Your Heart” pre-sell, fundraising brochure. Sports Illustrated Magazine sells from this pre-sell fundraising publication for only $10.00 for 12 issues (cover price would be $47.88). People Magazine sells here for 9 issues at $20.00 (cover price would be $29.61). There is also a Spanish version of People Magazine available. Through this pre-sell, fundraising brochure, you can order a multitude of different magazines at very affordable prices. Every one of your customers will want to help with your fundraising project. With this pre-sell, fundraising brochure, they will all be able to find something that strikes their fancy. There is a Bonsai Growing Kit, Palm Tree Place Mats, a Care Bear™ Diary, Boyds “Harvest Bears” themed items, Menorah Reversible Wrapping Paper, a Thomas Kinkade Jumbo Calendar, and even a coffee themed wall clock called Espresso Wall Clock on page 28. Many of us, at America’s Favorite Fundraising Products, are drawn to a tempting white confection treat filled with smooth peanut butter on page 15 and were completely seduced by the Feng Shui Mini Pillar Candles (page 16) in a set of 5. Be sure to tell your sellers about the Geneva™ Walnut Fudge so they can point them out to their customers (page 28). These Walnut Fudge fund raisers will delight your customers’ guests when they drop by during the Holiday season or any time.

If you are seeking a pre-sell, fundraising brochure with a wide appeal, you have found one of our best examples. The “Warm Your Heart” themes (Hanukkah, Disney® Characters, Christmas, Tractors, Chili Peppers, and so many others) were carefully chosen to entice your pre-sell, fundraising customers to browse and buy.

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