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Order-Taker (Pre-Sell) Programs involve selling from FREE Fundraising Product Brochures - like the one shown here. When your sellers have made all of their sales, you'll order what they've already sold.
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Brochure includes product description in Spanish

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America's Favorite does not have a minimum order quantity. However, if an order from this brochure is less than 100 units, a freight surcharge will be incurred at a rate of .50 cents per unit below the 100 units. For example, an order of 60 units would be 40 units below the 100 units. The surcharge would be 40 x .50 = $20.00.

50% Profit
Holiday Sleigh Ride
by Giftco ®

This pre-sell, fundraising brochure is called “Holiday Sleigh Ride”. It has a nice expanse of products and
gifts. There are distinctive Christmas gifts along with the darling “Menorah Village Candleholder” and lovely
“Butterfly Coasters & Trivets” in a 6-piece set. From the front cover to the last page, there are twenty eight
pages from which you can choose fundraising items.

The center insert in this pre-sell, fundraising brochure is made up of four pages of top-notch magazines.
Just to name a few, there is Entertainment Weekly, Sports Illustrated, Time, This Old House, Real Simple,
Health, Sports Illustrated Kids, Parenting, Golf Magazine,and many more. The prices are offered with very special savings for our fundraising supporters. The profoundly gorgeous magazine, Sunset, is suddenly so easily affordable! Sunsetis offered at the fantastic price of a mere $10.00 for 15 issues as compared to the cover price of 15 issues for $67.50. A definite magazine favorite, Southern Living,is sold for the super savings rate of 11 issues for $20.00 and it is $59.88 when it is priced at its cover price. These are great fundraising values. Your customers can see for themselves what substantial savings you can give them.

An interesting aspect of this pre-sell, fundraising brochure is that if includes items that customers will find exceptionally helpful in the kitchen. The “E-Z Jar Opener” makes opening all sorts of jars so simple that
everyone will want to have one. The sturdy plastic “Measuring Spoons”, in a set of four, are made with a
sure-grip handle and are dishwasher safe. There’s also the “Microwave Plate Cover” — a durable plastic
cover created to stop splatters in your microwave oven.

For customers requesting creative gifts, there is a “Create Your Own Necklace Kit” that includes beads
and string. And for those buyers that want creative food items to purchase from you, point out the “Smoothie Mix” for blending with your favorite fruits, yogurt and ice to create your own unique creamy treat! The fundraising “Spice Cake Mix” makes a light and moist cake that is the perfect choice for an afternoon of coffee and friends.

If all the things we have mentioned, thus far, have not hit the spot, there certainly is still more fundraising
products to tweak your customers’ interest in this fundraising brochure. On page 7, the “Gingerbread
House Electric Lamp” is precious with its bright, cheery, and colorful candy detailed from top to bottom. It is hand-painted and will be a family heirloom for many Holiday Seasons to come. Giftco® has a “Lighthouse Wind Chime”, Photo Frames, Address or Planning Books, a “Disney® Coin Sorter Bank”, a variety of Calendars, and many other items. But, we haven’t even begun to mention the candy delights included in this “Holiday Sleigh Ride” pre-sell, fundraising catalog. “Geneva™ Peanut Butter Cups” are made of molded chocolate with smooth peanut butter and are gift boxed. The “Belgian Mints” are individually wrapped Belgian chocolates with a creamy mint center. You will simply have to take a gander for yourself to appreciate the immense plethora of fundraising products. Choose this pre-sell, fundraising brochure for an array of charming products.

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