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Brochure includes product description in Spanish

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50% Profit
The Cooks Collection
by Giftco ®


What could be more universal than kitchen tools! Here is a fundraising brochure that makes such a big
impression in four pages! There are aspects of this brochure for your fundraiser that we want to draw to
your attention. One of the items we definitely think of as a “must-have” is the “Warming Trivet” on page
2. It would be so convenient for dinners and parties! It utilizes a tealight in the center of its attractive trivet
frame. The tealight provides just enough heat to turn any oven-safe dish into a warming dish. You can
use it for warming your casseroles, appetizers, dips, and more. This is just one of this brochure’s great
ideas to enhance your customers’ kitchen tool selection.

Some of the utensils found in this fundraising brochure are items to help out in the kitchen on an every
day basis. By “every day” we are referring to items that every kitchen should have or needs a replacement of because they are so often used or needed. There is a really nice set of large, “Chef Grade Rubber Spatulas” on page 2 that will help make mixing a simple task. They have sturdy molded plastic handles for easy grip, a looped end on the handle to hang them by, and are dishwasher safe. On page 3, there are other “every day” utensils that are always needed in most kitchens. There are three items to this particular set of “Chef Grade Cooking Utensils”. The set includes a wide spatula, ladle and slotted spoon. All of these utensils are made with nylon heads to prevent scratching pan surfaces. They give us sturdy rubber and metal handles to provide a comfortable grip. There are holes for hanging and, again, they are
dishwasher safe.

As far as kitchen utensils go, the more unusual strike a cord with us, too. The six-sided metal grater is
perfect for many slicing and shredding needs. You’ll be selling a product with a heavy rubber grip handle
and non-skid base that provides stability for this useful kitchen utensil and the “Chef Grade Grater” is dishwasher-safe. Look on page 2 to find it. Your Pre-Sell Fundraiser will be successful with these stellar kitchen tool choices. Doesn’t everyone need a good “Cookbook Holder”? This sturdy metal cookbook stand holds your favorite book at an angle for convenient reference while cooking. This could also be a nice addition to a Holiday Basket. Go ahead, be creative with your ideas and make sure your clients’ orders arrive in time for their someone’s special birthday or for the Holidays.

This is a Pre-sell, Fundraising Brochure with a popular price range. Prices start at $7.50 and go up to $21.00. This price range is so easy to sell, especially when these utensils are things that can go in anyone’s kitchen. Your customers will enjoy these kitchen utensils in their own kitchens or will be thrilled to give them as gifts. Get on out there and start making big profits for your Fundraiser!


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