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Choose Real Go-Getters for Your Project Leaders.
Not Just Talkers!

Call an initial meeting of your key people. This should be no more than two or three people who are energetic, reliable, organized, have outgoing personalities, have the available time and are fully committed to your cause.

Divide project responsibilities in the most practical way. Duties will include making one person responsible for all of the Group’s money, collecting from your sellers, ordering/distributing sales materials and inventory, and managing your sellers. Please note: This could all be done by just one, organized person with the time to devote to the Fund Raiser.

Set a goal to raise an exact number of dollars. Be realistic, but be certain. You either need the money or you don’t. Any hemming and hawing about the money goal makes for a weaker fund raising effort.

Get out your pencils, paper and calculators. Have a phone handy to call us with any questions. We’ll verify your figures and help figure your profits. To make the most of your project, you’ll want to take advantage of our prepaid and credit card orders to earn extra profits.

Is your organization's fund-raising goal so high that it looks out of reach? Check with us, we’ve helped hundreds of organizations blend our Tag-Along, Direct Sale and Order-Taker Programs with their other local fund raising efforts to get the most out of their Fund Raising Campaign. Whether it’s a car wash, a bake sale or just asking for money, call us toll-free and put our many years of experience to work for you.

Know the date when you want and need your funds. Using the America's Favorite Fund Raising Products' Planning Meeting Worksheet, shown on pages 3 and 4. Establish a date for your Kick- Off Meeting. From that date, schedule your Fund Raiser. After you place your order with us (See page 6), have our representative give you an approximate delivery date for shipping your inventory and/or sales materials. Local pick-up is also available. We recommend your sales efforts take no more than two weeks (including three weekends). After this time, there simply isn't much more to gain. Sellers lose enthusiasm and the vast majority of your prospects have had plenty of time to buy.

Who’s going to sell for you? How many people and what ages? Make a list of the people who will be on your team. Knowing who your sellers are will help you think through your entire project. Let each seller set an individual goal. Show your sellers how their individual goals add up to the overall goal. It takes everyone’s goal to make the whole. Get them to commit to their goals now. Make sure parents or guardians are informed and supervise all selling activities of young people. DO NOT let your youngsters go unescorted to solicit funds.

Some products are more appropriate for the Season - such as personalized Holiday Cards in the Fall for Christmas and flower bulbs and seeds in the Spring. Other products are more appropriate for the project - such as first aid kits instead of candy. America’s Favorite Fund Raising Products Company has the right product for your group. With our years of working in this business, comes experience with many types of products.
If you are interested in a product that you don’t see on our website please give us a call (toll-free!). We have resources for almost everything. Also, feel free to talk with one of our customer service representatives. They will be glad to learn what your group is like and what your goals are in order to then discuss your information with our team and suggest products that will work best for you.

Every seller needs something to shoot for. In other words; What’s in it for them? There’s satisfaction in doing one’s part for the ‘team’ and in helping one’s organization meet its goal. Yet, tangible rewards or sales incentives have proven to make a big difference in your Fund Raising Project results. We can suggest a huge variety of prize selections. We offer FREE Prize Brochures for each selling member. These brochures have many exciting categories to choose from.

If you have any questions, we’ll be happy to answer them and recommend a sales incentive program specifically for your Group’s needs.

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