Music Money
Is your band or choir needing a fundraiser that guarantees profits? Check out our candy fundraisers and pre sell brochures.
Church Fundraising Ideas
Make your church fundraising program a success with America's Favorite Fund Raising Products Co.!
Boy Scout Success
Is your troop wanting to out perform and out sell the
other boy scout troops? We can give you the fundraising
you need!
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  • Review your America’s Favorite Fund Raising Products’ materials.

  • Jot down your questions.

  • Call us TOLL-FREE at 1-800-821-8466 — We will walk you through the order form from top to bottom. You can depend on our customer service representative to help you order the product(s) to sell or to set up your Order-Taker Program.

  • Next, your representative can give you an approximate delivery date for shipping your inventory and/or sales materials.

  • Before product arrives, have a room ready that is secure and lockable with only 2 people having keys to the lock. It is wise to have your own, personal, removable padlock. Make sure the room is safe from rodents or insects. Check for moisture and be positive the room is dry. With food products, the room temperature must be cool enough and free from odors of soap or other chemicals.

  • Upon receipt of your merchandise, you must count the cartons and inspect for damage. If you sign the bill of lading, without counting to insure you received what you signed for, you will be responsible for the amount signed for.
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