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sports fundraising playerOur $1.00 Fundraising Candy bars are perfect for your sport or youth group fundraising programs.

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Smart bookkeeping is critical to your project! Keep an up-to-the-day, precise record of your fund raising inventory. Always have people sign for merchandise they take out. Give receipts for merchandise and count the money turned in by the seller in front of them. Use a receipt book with a carbon copy. This avoids any misunderstandings later.

Manage Your Inventory
America’s Favorite can provide FREE Tally Sheets and FREE Collection Envelopes. Keep a close tab on the amount each seller has sold, the amount they have left, and how close they are to reaching their goal. Update your written records immediately when any product changes hands. Shift product from slower sellers to faster sellers as necessary.

Manage Your Cash
Have your sellers turn in cash and completed order forms to your treasurer as quickly as possible, even when they have more selling to do. This relieves them of being responsible for the money until final turn-in day and possibly losing the money.
Your treasurer should update written records immediately upon receipt of any cash or checks. Have all checks made out to YOUR Organization. Deposit all checks and make sure they clear the bank before you deliver any merchandise or before awards are handed out.

Support Your Sellers
Give each seller a sheet of paper that outlines the basics of the project like the purpose, the goal, the deadline, etc. Include the project leaders’ names, their responsibilities and phone numbers. This will keep each seller abreast of where they can turn in money, get extra merchandise or addition order forms, or get their questions answered.
Likewise, the chairperson should keep a list of each sellers name, phone number, address and how much product or other materials they have checked out. Contact every seller who missed the Kick-Off Meeting. Meet with them personally to get them equally informed and excited about their Fund Raising Project. Remind them of their deadline and turn-in dates. Acknowledge and celebrate progress! If possible, post the sales-to-date where your sellers can see it. We have charts and other visual aids available to help you keep your group excited about their results-to-date.

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