Boy Scout Success
Is your troop wanting to out perform and out sell the
other boy scout troops? We can give you the fundraising
you need!
Fundraising Made Easy
Count on America's Favorite to give you the tips you need to make your fundraiser a success!
Big Success For Kids
Does your class need a product their friends and neighbors will love?
Everyone can use more cookies and candy from America's Favorite!
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  • Pay your bill promptly. Take advantage of any discounts that America’s Favorite Fund Raising Products, Co. offers — time is money!

  • Calculate your net profits, make a big sign with the amount on it and plan a ceremony out of revealing the number. Depending on how you organize your Wrap-Up Meeting, you may want to hold off revealing the net profit amount until after all the individual efforts have been recognized.

  • While you have everyone gathered, praise the efforts of your other project leaders. This is a good time to recognize them with a dinner Certificate for two, or other keepsake.

  • Next, make sure each seller — Not ONLY The TOP Prize-Winning Sellers — gets praised for their efforts. Recognize each seller’s achievement with a gift, an award, or Certificate, etc.

  • Don’t forget yourself! Be sure to put on a big smile and give yourself a pat on the back. You’ve run a successful Fund Raiser!

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