Custom Master Cartons
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Custom Master Cartons are an excellent fundraising idea for small groups needing less than 4 Master Cartons of Candy!

Customize your own Master Carton(s) with 4 assorted Carry Cases each - at NO EXTRA COST. Pick 4 Fundraising Carry Cases within the same group to create your Custom Master Carton. Choose from the 6 Groups shown below. You can order as little as 1 Custom Master Carton - up to 3 Custom Master Cartons - from any one group.

Quantity Discount Pricing is not available on Custom Master Cartons.

$1.00 Variety Packs


Choose From:

$0.00 Per Custom Master Carton
Create your custom master carton
Prices and weights are subject to change. Profit Charts include a 3% discount for pre-paid and credit card orders.  
2%, 15, Net 30 days, plus a 3% up-charge for credit to qualified groups.
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