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Take Advantage of Free Publicity

Local newspapers will publish group announcements free of charge, so send them a press release about your non profit fundraising campaign. Tell them what you are selling, what you're raising money for, how people can contact you to help and where people can get your fundraising product. Have someone next to the phone to answer your fundraising calls!

Use Your Group's Website to Promote Your Fundraiser

Promote your non profit fundraising project on your Web site. For example, if you're selling products from one of our pre-sell brochures, you can put a link to the page with your brochure on your web site. When visitors look at the brochure and decide to buy something, they can call or email you with their ordering information!

Go Where the Crowds Are

Take advantage of busy places in your community. Set up a table at your local grocery store or shopping mall (after asking permission from management). Have posters set up next to your table telling everyone about your fundraising efforts. You can even ask the store or mall management about making an announcement to their patrons.

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