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Keep Box or Brochure On Hand In Class

This is the easiest way to sell fundraising candy. Just carry your candy box with you to your classes and wait for everyone to dive in! Candy is hard to resist when it is sitting right next to you, especially when lunch seems so far away. Just make sure that you don't leave your candy unattended.

Taking your fundraising brochure to class can also be very productive. Ask your teacher if they've helped out anyone in your fundraising group yet. Teachers are usually more than happy to help out their students in any way they can.

Set Up A Table

You can set up a fundraising table in many locations. Set up a table in the cafeteria during lunch time. Many students will have lunch money to spend. High school games and events are also great places to set up a fundraising table. This gives parents and other members of the community a chance to help out your cause. Ask the announcer or speaker to talk about what you are selling and what you plan to achieve with your efforts. Make sure you get permission first!
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