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Encourage Fundraising with Rewards

Set Goals. Reward your fundraising sellers when hitting their goal. Because elementary school fundraising can be more difficult, encouragement is important. Get parents involved too. Encourage kids to sell their fundraising products at parents workplace.

Get Older Brothers & Sisters Involved

Older brothers and sisters can be a big help when its fundraising time. Ask them to take some candy to school with them. They can sell it to their classmates and teachers easily. If you're doing a brochure fundraiser, ask them to take an extra brochure to school with them for their teachers to look at. They can also help out with order forms and deliveries that can be hard for younger kids. Make sure to tell them you appreciate their help!

Give Kids a Script to Use

If a student in an elementary school fundraiser is selling candy, suggest saying, "This candy is so good that even my mom can't resist it!" Or, if selling items from a pre-sell brochure, kids can say, "Mom, I know you hate baking pies and more pies for the holidays. Why don't you look at the desserts in this brochure, and think about all the time you can save this year."
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