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Sell Fundraising Products At Games

Be sure to have your fundraiser items available for sale at your games. It's as easy as setting up a table and having a parent available to answer questions, sell products and collect money. You can even have the announcer tell the crowd about the products you are selling and what you hope to achieve with your sports fundraising efforts. Best of all, there is no advertising needed, since people will be coming to your games anyway!

Go Where the Sports Fans Are

Take advantage of the traffic that sporting events and sporting goods stores get. Who better to support a kid's baseball team than a huge fan of the game? This tactic works great with candy because people love it, and it's a quick way to help out. Set up a table where fans and shoppers congregate, and be ready to tell people all about your team. Bring a team picture if you have one! (Make sure you talk to the management to ask for permission first!)

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